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Established 2011

Cheers, y’all! And happy Abraxas season!!

We've been working hard for weeks, and Abraxas Week is finally here! To kick things off, we'll be releasing Vanilla Abraxas on Tuesday, Oct. 31. Abraxas and Barrel-Aged Abraxas have always had vanilla in the mix, but our Vanilla variant has an even bigger punch of rich Madagascar vanilla beans. It's a decadent treat and this year we're happy to release the variant in bottles for the first time ever. Bottles will be available at 4 pm for $25 (limit based on turnout) and a keg will be tapped at 6 pm. 

On Thursday, Nov. 2, we'll be releasing 2017 Coffee Abraxas. This year we once again worked with our wonderful friends at Sump Coffee to pick out a coffee that would complement the spice and complexity of Abraxas. After cupping six different varietals, we landed on Ethiopia Hambela, a naturally processed coffee from the Oromia region in the Guji zone, the southernmost part of the Ethiopia. We were impressed by the bright red fruit character of the coffee that created an aroma and flavor similar to Rooibos tea. Combining coffee and beer often creates something different than the sum of its parts, but we were pleasantly surprised by the dark fruit and toffee the coffee imparted on the beer. It really intensifies the already rich base beer and gives it a fuller, rounder sensation on the palate. This is our favorite Coffee Abraxas to date and is certainly something to be savored sooner rather than later for maximum effect. Bottles will be available at 4 pm for $25 (allocation based on turnout) and a keg will be tapped at 6 pm. 
We'll cap things off on Saturday with the brewery release of our regular 2017 Abraxas. Abraxas packages are sold out, but individual bottles of regular Abraxas will be available on Saturday, Nov. 4, starting at noon for $20 (limit based on turnout). Additional bottles will be distributed to all of our markets in the coming weeks. 
Happy Abraxas week, friends!