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A few words on aging beer and cellaring
As a brewery, we strive to make the best beer possible and we take great pains to let that shine through when customers open a bottle or order a glass. We tweak recipes, taste critically throughout fermentation and conditioning, and only release a beer when we feel it’s time to be shared. 
That last bit is key. If a beer leaves our brewery, it’s ready to drink. 
Most beer is meant to be drank fresh. Our beer is unfiltered and unpasteurized. It’s a living thing prone to change over time. Yeast and bacteria evolve, hops and other spices break down—sometimes in unexpected ways—and oxidation changes the character of everything. Some styles age more gracefully than others.
We recommend drinking beer fresh, but if you’re looking to age your beer, keep it in a spot that’s cool, dark, and consistent, and remember that everything has a shelf life.