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Established 2011

Société du Chêne

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For anyone who is planning on coming out to the release of Société du Chêne 2016 memberships at the Perennial Tasting Room on 9/14 at 4pm here are a couple of friendly reminders:

  • Absolutely no camping
  • As with any bottle release, allocation is based on turnout. Limit one signup per person. In the event additional spots remain, you will be given the opportunity to rejoin the line and sign up an additional person until all spots are filled. 


Perennial Artisan Ales is excited to announce we have opened up additional 2016 Société du Chêne memberships to the public!



Membership is $300 and includes the following:


  • One bottle of each of the first twelve barrel-aged beers to be released over the course of the next year.  This year, we are including a mix of wine, foeder and spirits barrel-aged beers (yes, even stouts)
  • a Société du Chêne glass
  • 10% discount on all on-premise purchases with valid membership ID (does not include bottles to go or merchandise)
  • Entry to one Members-Only party.  Details to be released at a later date. (Trust us—we’ll make it a good one)
  • The ability to purchase a one-bottle allocation of Abraxas, Sump & 17.  



One membership per person.

Each of these beers will be released at some time during the membership period.  We will release the beers when we feel that they are ready.  For this reason, a release schedule will not be shared in advance.

Members will be have a two week window to pick up bottles as they become available and must be picked up by the member or his or her proxy. If the bottles are not claimed within the designated pickup time, the bottles will be forfeited. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS POLICY.

If there are excess bottles available, (depending on the number) bottles will either be offered to members for purchase OR sold for on or off-premise consumption in the Perennial Tasting Room.

In the event that that more than twelve barrel-aged beers mature during the membership period, members will also be guaranteed the ability to purchase an undetermined allocation of these beers as well.  

Bottles must be picked up in the tasting room.  Under no circumstances are we able to ship bottles.   

Members may designate ONE trustee to pick up his or her bottles from the tasting room.  Membership benefits do not apply to trustees.    

2017 Memberships will be offered first to 2016 members.  Renewal is, of course, optional.



Trustee information will be requested after sign-up period is complete.   

Remaining memberships will be offered via a local signup on a first come, first serve basis in the Perennial Tasting Room on

Wednesday, September 14th at 4pm.

Each member may pick up his or her membership card, glass and first bottle in the Perennial Tasting Room between Wednesday, September 21st and October 5th.

The first beer to be released on 9/21 to Société members will be:

Reverie: Blended Strong Ale aged in Whiskey and Wine Barrels.