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Perennial Artisan Ales is excited for the return of our Société du Chêne program for the 2019-2020 year!


Membership is $420 (Membership is $400, Eventbrite fees are $20) and includes the following:

  • One bottle of each of fourteen barrel-aged beers to be released over the course of the next year including a mix of wine, foeder and spirits barrel-aged beers (yes, even stouts!) with BA Abraxas and Maman being guaranteed in the mix.
  • a Société du Chêne glass (to be picked up during the Société party)
  • 15% discount on on-premise purchases with valid membership ID (does not include bottles to go, merchandise, or on-premise bottles). Member must present Societe card at time of payment with ID to be eligible for discount.
  • ENTRY to one Members-Only party.  Details to be released at a later date. (Trust us—we’ll make it a good one!)
  • A SdC member pre-sale whenever possible for beer packages, MWBBF tickets, and additional member bottles before they go on sale to the public.


Please read all membership benefits closely. There is a lot of information here!


One membership per person.


Each of these beers will be released at some time during the membership period.  We will release the beers when we feel that they are ready. For this reason, a release schedule will not be shared in advance.


Members will have a two week window to pick up bottles in our tasting room during tasting room hours as they become available and must be picked up by the member or his or her proxy. If the bottles are not claimed within the designated pickup time, the bottles will be forfeited. THERE WILL BE ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS POLICY.


If there are excess bottles available, (depending on the number) bottles will either be offered to members for purchase OR sold for on or off-premise consumption in the Perennial Tasting Room - this is 100% at our discretion.


All bottles must be picked up in the tasting room.  Under no circumstances are we able to ship bottles nor are we able to hold your bottles should you not pick them up in the time period allotted.


Members may designate ONE trustee to pick up his or her bottles from the tasting room.  Membership benefits do not apply to trustees. Keep in mind that you will need to designate your proxy at time of sign up. Trustee information will be requested at time of sign-up and you can not change it after its designation.


2020-2021 Memberships will be offered first to 2019-2020 members.  Renewal is, of course, optional.


One human can proxy for up to a maximum of 4 people. They can also be a member. :)


All notices regarding beer releases are sent via email. Emails are sent to the member only and are limited to one email address/membership. It is the member’s responsibility to forward the information to their proxy. We are not able to add additional email addresses per member.


Our staff works very hard to ensure you receive your beer as quickly as possible. Any disrespect to our staff will not be tolerated and we reserve the right to revoke the membership and refund for any remaining bottles should this policy be violated.


A few words on reselling beers


We're proud of the lineup we've created for our Société du Chêne membership, and we go to great lengths to make sure our beers get to Société members in the best shape possible and at a fair price. We consider the time spent creating and aging the beer as well as the cost of ingredients to figure out what we feel is fair to charge for our beer. Expectations for a $25 to $50 bottle of beer are remarkably different than those resold for $250 to $400 a bottle--as they should be. Further, beers on the secondary market often change hands multiple times through various shipment and storage conditions, potentially compromising the integrity of a fragile item. If in the end, someone has paid a greatly inflated sum for our beer and is disappointed, it often comes back on us even though its condition is well outside our control at that point.


Société membership is an opportunity to enjoy and share some of our most limited beers, not a business opportunity. If we determine you're reselling beer, we reserve to terminate your membership without refunds. Remaining beer will be forfeited.


The first beer of the 2019-2020 membership will be Carondelet Wilderness Refuge to be released on July 12th. These bottles will be exclusive to our Société members! There will be no public sale of Carondelet Wilderness Refuge. We have reserved a few additional cases for on premise consumption only as well as a small amount of draft.  Each member or their proxy may pick up their membership card and first bottle in the Perennial Tasting Room between July 12th and July 26.


Carondelet Wilderness Refuge is a Belgian Golden Strong Ale conditioned in French Oak with Brettanomyces for 8 months and brewed in collaboration with Arizona Wilderness in South City, St. Louis. Package conditioned for 2 years with a house blend of Brettanomyces. 9% ABV



A limited number of new memberships will be offered to the public during a local signup on a first come, first serve basis and are limited to one per person, (whether for yourself or someone else) in the Perennial Tasting Room on Sunday, June 30th at noon. Absolutely no camping. Out of respect to our neighbors, please do not line up before 7am. Should you be in line prior to 7am you will be escorted to the back of the line.

 At time of sign up you will need the following information:

  • Member Name (as it appears on their ID. This can not be changed after the fact)
  • Proxy Name (as it appears on their ID - this can not be changed after the fact)
  • Member email address (historically, @yahoo and @hotmail emails have not worked well with Eventbrite & Mailchimp - this is the primary form of communication!)
  • Member cell phone number
  • Form of payment. Membership is $420. Cash and credit cards are accepted. We can not accept a credit card without that card present. 

Should there be any additional memberships after the in-person public sale on 6/30 they will be made available online (site TBA) on Monday, July 1st at noon CST, though we do anticipate selling out in our tasting room.